Zodiac Sign didn’t Text You Back, Let’s Know Why?

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Why hasn’t each Zodiac texted you back yet?


They read your communication, made a mental response, and then forgot to respond to you.


They’ve been trying to come up with the perfect retort for a long time and are stumped.


They wrote a number of responses to you but never sent one. Because they are perfectionists, they procrastinate.



They prefer to call you instead of messaging. They’re going to wait till they have enough time to discuss.


They became preoccupied with whatever TV or book they were watching or reading. It entirely escaped their notice that they should respond to your text.


Your message went unnoticed by them. They would have reacted promptly if they had.


They’re too preoccupied with responding to a million other texts. You aren’t the only one who is waiting for a response because their inbox is overflowing.


They’re in a foul temper and don’t want to lose their cool. They’d rather wait until they’re feeling bright and cheerful once more.


They’re out having a good time. They would rather be out in the world than glued to a screen.


They’re too preoccupied with their jobs to have time for friends. They must put their career first.


They don’t want to annoy you at an inconvenient moment. They’re afraid they’ll bother you by texting too much.


They aren’t responding because they are too preoccupied with deciphering your words. They’re attempting to figure out what you were trying to say.

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