Zodiac Signs Hate Their Twenties for Following Reasons

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You despise how much pressure there is to get into a meaningful relationship and how people treat you if you’re single.


You despise how little time you have to see your pals and how you’ve begun to drift apart from them.


You despise the fact that you work for the majority of your life and still struggle to save money.


You despise the fact that half of your pals are getting married and purchasing houses while you still feel lost in the world.


You despise the fact that you still haven’t figured out what you want from life, despite the fact that other people your age are living their goals.


You despise the fact that you’re starting to look older and are increasingly concerned about squandering your youth.


You despise how cynical you’ve become and how you don’t feel like you can trust anyone like you used to when you were younger and more trusting.


You resent being burdened with obligations and deprived of the freedom you enjoyed when you were younger.


You despise how bad hangovers make you feel and how long it takes to recover from them.


You despise the feeling of stagnation, as if you’re stuck in the same spot you were as a teenager.


You resent the fact that you never have time to unwind. You’re constantly on the go and worrying about something.


You resent the fact that you don’t have a social life. Now that you’re older, it’s nearly impossible to establish new pals.

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